Friday, September 28, 2012

Downtown Marysville

Country Cousin Motel

A final look around Marysville, Kansas, before we return to STL. These images are from around the town center. They illustrate the old and the new, the good and the bad. From top to bottom:

An out-of-business motel on U.S. Route 36. We usually stay at the bizarrely-named Surf Motel just down the road. The name has a complicated story.

The Pony Express statue. This may be unfamiliar to our international readers but it is an icon of American Western lore. It delivered mail and telegrams from St. Joseph, Missouri, northwest of Kansas City, to Sacramento, California, for a brief 18 months. Marysville was a principal station along the route.

The trailer of voter suppression. We have a trivial incidence of voter fraud in this country. Still, Republican state legislatures in several states, including Kansas. have recently required specific photo ID cards to vote. Lots of poor people don't have them, and don't have the money to get certified copies of birth certificates or a state-issued ID card. It is a blatant and shameful attempt to prevent low-income people, who tend to vote Democratic, from exercising their franchise. 

God, guts and guns in northeastern Kansas. Plus support for the local high school football team.

The door of the odd Dolls, Toys and Indian Artifacts Museum, open only by appointment. I've never made it in there.

Back to The Lou tomorrow.

Pony Express Statue

Voter Supression

Good Ole Boys

Seal of the Otoe


Nathalie said...

The pony express is famous even in France but what seems weird to me is seeing the statue in front of a distressed wall on what seem to be a disused parking lot. I would have imagined a nicer setting such as a park or town building.

Your photographs give a pretty run down view of the place.

Regarding my own beach photos the first sculpture I did was one where the lady was lying on her side, which was far more creative and interesting than the one I posted but I have no photos of it.

For this one I was tempted to sculpt a very fat lady similar to the one who was lying very near to us but the kids told me it would be insulting to her so I went for the slim kind :-)
I don't like her very rigid pose. I agree with you about the mortuary slab effect. said...

Thank you for your comments about voter suppression. It is shameful.

William Kendall said...

The voter suppression attempts on the part of the GOP are shameful to say the least. With luck, it'll come back to bite down hard on them.

There is a bit of a run down quality to the place. I agree, that statue of the Pony Express rider would be more suited to a park setting.

Stefan Jansson said...

Nice mix of photos.