Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's On Second

Birmingham 2012-09-03 13

Those of us old enough to remember Abbot and Costello know the classic baseball comedy skit Who's On First. Full original version here. Note the name of Lou Abbott's baseball team.

Birmingham has a variation on the theme, the store What's On Second (so named because it's on 2nd Avenue). Technically, you could call it an antique store but that term doesn't convey the ambiance. It's more of a warehouse of American cultural debris from the 20th century. It's got more junk than you could possibly imagine, all of it fascinating. These are but a few examples. By the way, the picture of Ozzie Osborne below was in a coffin. More of these tomorrow.

Birmingham 2012-09-03 22

Birmingham 2012-09-03 28

Birmingham 2012-09-03 30

Birmingham 2012-09-03 21

5 comments: said...

Speaking of "Who's on First," do you remember the Johnny Carson routine in which he played Ronald Reagan in a similar routine based on "Hu's on the phone?" It was very well done.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Are the wares in 'What's on Second' for sale Bob, if so it's definitely the place to go for that something a 'little different'!!

Pat said...

The St. Louis Wolves, now that would be a fine name for one of those vintage base ball teams.

Do you know what the current St. Louis team is named after? It's not a bird.

William Kendall said...

Definitely different!

Virginia said...

We are soooooo on the same page. Tomorrow this place on my blog too! :)

And the OPEN shot is genius and I'm ........not.