Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Union Pacific Depot

Union Pacific Depot 2

A busy Union Pacific railroad line used to cut straight across the west side of Marysville, blocking traffic on U.S. Route 36 many times a day. A few years ago the tracks were moved further out of town and a bridge built to carry the highway across them.

There was a beautiful railroad depot that now sits empty along the old right of way. The Spanish Colonial architecture is striking. Some area residents would like to rehab it and use it for a community center and are trying to raise money. The U.P. has no use for it. If the funds are not available in the next couple of months the building will be demolished. But there is good news! On Tuesday night the city council decided to buy the building and then resell it to preservationists. An important part of Marysville's heritage will live on.

Union Pacific Depot 4

Union Pacific Depot 1

Union Pacific Depot 3

Union Pacific Caboose


Olivier said...

superbe reportage photos, elle est tres belle cette gare. surprenant ce "train men only" (mais je pense qu'ils parlent que des employes)

RDierking said...

What a gorgeous building! But, how sad that it sits empty. I hope the town can find a use for it and fill it with people once more.

I usually just read your blog, but this picture provoked me to respond. Thanks for helping those of us who aren't in St. Louis continue to experience its wonders.

William Kendall said...

It can use some work, but you can see just by the looks of it that it's really well worth it. It's good that the community is doing right by it.

Jack said...

This building is well worth the investment. It will glisten after it is finished. Good story today with a happy ending.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Phew! Thank goodness Bob, suc a lot of interesting will be beautiful if they restore it. Good old 'pony express' the mail must get through!

Stefan Jansson said...

Sounds like a clever move. It is a beautiful building.