Friday, September 7, 2012

À la recherche du temps perdu

Birmingham 2012-09-03 27

A bit more from What's On Second in Birmingham. You could fashionably decorate your entire home by spending a few hours here.

There are lots more B'ham pictures but I need to get back home. Lots going on in The Lou this weekend - look for something tomorrow.

TIME MARCHES ON: it occurred to me that yesterday was the 38th anniversary of my admission to the bar. Long time, makes me feel a bit elderly. And, if I keep the usual schedule, STL DPB with publish its 2,000th post next weekend. Any suggestions for what I should do about it?

Birmingham 2012-09-03 24

Birmingham 2012-09-03 32

Birmingham 2012-09-03 33

Birmingham 2012-09-03 26


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh my you could certainly purchase some 'conversation starter' pieces here Bob. Is that a framed photograph of a young and very handsome Robert Wagner I see here, nice! As for your 2000th post, I'm thinking Arch, Arch or maybe a really unusual aspect of the Arch haha! Any help?

William Kendall said...

Darth Maul shows Mr. Wagner who's boss, I see...

Pat said...

How about your Top 10 all time photos from your blog. You could either do all 10 on post 2000 or have a countdown over the next week.

Keep up the great work. I haven't lived in StL for almost 18 years and your pics bring back a lot of memories.

Jack said...

The first photo is nicely atmospheric. The others? Don't know that I have a place for them in my home.

You got me thinking. I was admitted to the bar 40 years ago this November. So that is why I get all those reunion emails!