Wednesday, October 28, 2020


This Boo at the Zoo thing wasn't very scary. Lots of lit displays with orange, yellow, purple and white on a black background. Cartoonish ghosts and witches with very fake tombstones. No headless ghouls popping out from behind corners, screaming at children while grabbing for them with skeletal fingers. In other words, about the right speed for my seven year old granddaughter.   

Halloween in the US was not about terror and death when I was a kid. At least in NYC, all we did was cut a hole in an old sheet and chalk our faces white to make a cheap ghost. The rest of it was all about canvassing a dense neighborhood begging for candy.

BY THE WAY, I've been having trouble with someone leaving vituperative anonymous comments damning middle aged and older people for destroying the world. You can't just block anonymous comments on Blogger anymore so I had to change the settings to allow comments only from people with Google accounts, which includes almost everybody. It will not affect Facebook. If you have trouble leaving a comment here please let me know.       


Barbara Rogers said...

I've had to switch to moderating all comments since the hackers/spammers have blog accounts these days. Ugh. I dare say some from Wordpress might be blocked from both of our blogs. Sorry about that. Me too as Halloween was in suberbia, not in urban settings with apartments. Here there is one street that had been designated for halloween treats...a couple of blocks long, and everyone put their teats out there, and the street was closed off so kids wouldn't vie with traffic. Not this year though.

William Kendall said...

Nicely lit up.

I find that particular individual should do the world a favour and throw himself off a cliff.

Pat said...

Sorry about your dissatisfied individual. I remember Halloween as you do, jump pumpkins, soaping windows, and trick or treating. And golly, we could do that alone.

Barbara Rogers said...

That was a typo...TREATS...nott that other word.

Sharon said...

Sorry to hear that idiot is back leaving horrible messages again. I experienced his vitriol about two months ago.