Friday, October 9, 2020


This is the front of one of the 15 barge max size flotillas. It was heading downriver into the big side of Lock and Dam 27 as we left the small boat side. Our excursion vessel had to tie up along the side of the lock as the water rose. I'm sure this big one had to do the same in the opposite direction. Note the winches and the rope thicker than my wrist.

But, hey! Artica, STL's wacky outdoor alternative arts festival is this weekend and the weather looks good. I'm not exactly the house photographer. They call me the visual documentarian. There's gonna be a lot to document.       


Pat said...

Been absent from commenting for a while and am sorry. Various reasons, but right now it's all I can do to keep up with photos. I've not carried my biggie for a while, but am using my phone, and hate to admit it's easier. Saving biggie for artsy shots. That said, I enjoyed viewing your boat series, though they're not my kind of waterborne vehicle. Need some jazzy paint. ;)

William Kendall said...

It really is big.