Sunday, October 11, 2020


All of us are sad about the suspension of artistic activities, depriving us of the richness of experiences and threatening the organizations that present them.* Some outdoor activities, however, manage to carry on.

One of my favorites is Artica, an annual plein air free for all of the visual and performing arts. It's happening this weekend in the industrial wastelands north of the Arch. Anything goes, subject to minimal screening. I'm not exactly the house photographer. They refer to me as the visual documentarian.  This chap always shows up with the threatening crow or raven head. He is getting ready for the parade, which we will see shortly.

*  The St. Louis Symphony is resuming performances this month. One hour programs, no intermission, spread out chamber orchestra, limited to an audience of 100 in a hall that seats 1,900. We're going on Friday for the Eroica! Gonna be strange.         


Sharon said...

Looking forward to some shots of silly costumes.
I'd be interested to hear how your symphony experience goes. It does sound like it will be very strange.

Denton said...

visual documentarian sounds very impressive .. better than house photographer.. we miss the symphony.. enjoy

William Kendall said...

That's different!