Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Maybe a last shot from the Women's Rally. Michael Parson, mentioned in the yellow signs, is the incompetent governor of Missouri, someone who started off as a rural county sheriff and rose to higher office through a series of coincidences. His attitude toward the virus is to let people do whatever they please, although local governments can impose stricter regulation. Covid cases in the rural parts of our state are exploding and medical facilities in some areas are near collapse. St. Louis and Kansas City aren't nearly as bad but certainly not in the clear. We are still hunkering down.              


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

In my opinion the stronger leadership in St Louis, and St. Louis County, when it came to rules during the early part of this pandemic, helped our numbers stay lower than some other cities and states.

It seemed to me that our governor just didn't really care one way or another if people became sick with Covid 19.

Barbara Rogers said...

We are fortunately to have a great Democrat governor in NC, and I've often heard how bad the GOP one in FL is...so sorry MO also has the same problem...especially considering these are people's LIVES we're talking about. Sadly.

William Kendall said...

Governor Parson needs a serious comeuppance in life.