Saturday, November 3, 2012


Halloween in the CWE 2012 22

They say that in photography, luck favors the prepared. I got a glimpse of this face at the Halloween party last weekend and whipped my camera up to my eye. (BTW, STL DPB recommends the Black Rapid RS-7 camera strap, which allows you to flip up your camera from the hip like drawing a gun from a holster.) Well, uh, the battery was charged and the memory card wasn't full, the ISO and f stop were pre-set at 3200 and 1.8 on an 85 mm prime lens, and the flash was ready at -1 2/3 stops. The image has not been cropped. Just dumb luck. I think it's one of the best portraits I've made all year.

I've been terrible about comments on my colleagues' blogs this week. It feels like I just can't work enough hours and I'll still never get it all done. When you start law school in this country they fill your head with all sorts of hoary old English legal maxims, since that's the origin of our system. One of them holds that the law is a jealous mistress. So many inflexible deadlines, so many serious responsibilities. Next week looks better. I'll get back to it.


William Kendall said...

Now that is creepy!

cieldequimper said...

At first I thought it was a statue!

Stefan Jansson said...

Always be prepared. That is a good rule. And a fine result. Don't thin I have shot a photo at 3200 ISO yet.

Jack said...

That is quite photo. It looks like a classic from the 1940s.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Well shot Bob, a very fine 'shoot from the hip' shot. Quickdraw Mgraw! haha!