Monday, November 26, 2012

Hanover Cemetery

Hanover Cemetary 1

We had some spare time before another family event Saturday. We drove to the small town of Hanover, the place where Carolyn's parents lived after they retired from the farm until her mother moved to seniors housing in the much larger town of Marysville.

Son Andy suggested we visit the cemetery - I'd never been. The monuments were uncrowded and there was no sound but the wind in the trees. Every graveyard has its quiet stories of success and tragedy. These photos illustrate some.  

Hanover Cemetary 2

 Hanover Cemetary 3

Hanover Cemetary 4

Hanover Cemetary 5

Hanover Cemetary 6


cieldequimper said...

Nice and quiet. Oh that sounds a bit strange, I don't mean it like that... said...

Except for where my parents are interred, I do not visit cemeteries where we live, but we do visit cemeteries with our cameras when we travel.

The Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires is a major tourist attraction. It is a compact city of masoleums that dwarfs any sculpture garden.

William Kendall said...

Very peaceful.

There's a quiet country cemetery I like up in the Gatineau Hills over in Quebec. Mostly residents of the area, but two particularly noteworthy graves: a famous landscape photographer, Malak Karsh, and our greatest Prime Minister, Lester Pearson.