Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A New St. Louis Photoblogger

Jarred Gastreich

Downtown St. Louis is a quiet place on a Sunday afternoon unless there is a big sporting event or convention. After my time at the office Sunday (sigh) I went to shoot the House of Hades tile seen yesterday. Surprisingly, there was another photographer snapping around and talking to passers-by.

Jarred Gastreich and I started chatting. He lives in the city proper and has started a new St. Louis daily photoblog, www.tistl.com. I've encouraged him to join City Daily Photo. It's also worth looking at his street photography blog, www.itisalrightma.com (great name) and his web site, www.jgexposures.com. Jarred has no anxiety about engaging strangers. His style is often softer and more intimate than mine. Note that Canon 7D on his right hip and a real, genuine Leica rangefinder film camera on the left.

I don't know about his background and interests but we'll meet again soon. He's one to watch.

And, on another note:


Olivier said...

tu as de la concurrence ;)) tu veux que l'on mette un contrat sur lui ;o)) sympa comme rencontre. j'ai regarde ces photos, elles sont sympas, mais il est plus StreetPhotography que toi, comme ca cela donne deux visions différentes de St louis. Un beau duo en vue

cieldequimper said...

Nice! I'm ashamed of my camera when I see this!

Julie said...

I tried to go over to chat with him, but cannot find how to. Shame. He would be an asset to the portal.

William Kendall said...

Welcome to the proverbial game!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Voted this morning and now am on pins and needles waiting for the results.

Virginia said...

WEll Jarred, you've met a wonderful blog friend. Bob will teach you the ropes and I know you two will meet again and have some fun together!

I voted too B.