Friday, November 30, 2012

Not Without Reason

Floodwall 2012-11-03 3

It is said to be the shortest verse in the Bible, at least the King James and related English versions (John 11:35). It might also be the shortest phrase on the graffiti-permitted section of the Mississippi River floodwall. The point of view looks back into a lonely area of railroad tracks and scattered light industry. When I go back in there to shoot it makes me think of the old Bob Dylan song Desolation Row.   

I've posted lots of images of this graffiti wall over the years. A few commenters have vehemently objected to graffiti in general and the content of these photos in particular. I couldn't disagree more. It's allowed, it's encouraged in this area. A tall, blank wall a few hundred meters long in a remote location is the perfect place for an outlet for these artists. And they are artists. Much of the work is fantastically creative. It doesn't bother anyone. Nobody goes back there but a few workers, the occasional cop and me.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

I have to agree Bob, a spot like this is a brilliant resource for artists (good or bad) to vent their skills!

Pat said...

Lovely photo; could be a painting, which I guess it is, actually.

Belgrade has a lot of these street artists.

Ann said...

I LOVE those floodwalls and the freedom allowed for creativity. I try to drop by every so often as well. By virtue of you working downtown, I think you make it there more frequently than I.

Pat said...

Abandoned warehouses and factories by corporations all across America is a bigger blight on our country than graffiti, even illegal will ever be. Yet we go after a kid with a spray can. Go figure.

Unknown said...

Go Bob, go! I'm all with you on this one.

William Kendall said...

As long as it looks like it's artistic, I have no problem with it. This leans that way.