Wednesday, November 21, 2012


2012-11-10 Powell Hall 11

Just a quickie - working too late, have to pack for the weekend, etc. etc. We're going to Kansas City today and on to Marysville, Kansas, tomorrow. Carolyn's mother's birthday is right around our Thanksgiving holiday and she'll be 94 in a few days. We need to show up.

The first two pictures are in the men's locker room backstage at Powell Hall. The other two are of the orchestra members' lounge. The men (and it's about 50-50 men and women these days) share 2 or 3 to a locker. There seems to be a bit of attitude. Notice the "No Practice Zone" sign in the third picture. The last pic is part of the musicians' coffee/tea cup nook. The first space, "D Halen", the concertmaster David Halen, is empty. One or two have dry tea bags hanging off the side. Also note the  pretzels in Row 2, Column 1.

May or may not be a post tomorrow on our country's Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe I'll find something in KC tonight. Maybe something will go up in the morning my time, instead of the usual midnight.

2012-11-10 Powell Hall 13

2012-11-10 Powell Hall 12

2012-11-10 Powell Hall 10


Nathalie said...

The mug cupboard is amazing : I can't think of a French equivalent. That whole tea/coffee drinking thing doesn't exist here.

Ann said...

Very very cool. I've never seen behind the scenes there.

Hey - I sent you an email - I'd love a response if you get the chance!

Happy Thanksgiving!! said...

I am enjoying this tour. Symphony Hall in Phoenix is not used exclusively by the Symphony, but is shared with the Opera, Ballet and others, so there is not dedicated space for musicians.

One of the fascinating things we enjoyed about the recent backstage tour of the Sydney Opera House was to read the graffiti and bulletin board postings. One was the decibel readings measured by music stand. The Australian OSHA required some musicians the be changed out at intermission because a long opera would expose them to too much noise.

Virginia said...

Love these especially the mug cupboard. Somebody's a little OCD in this group!

Have a great trip to Kansas.

William Kendall said...

A lovely tour! I rather like the billiards table!

Down the line I'll be writing about a classical violinist in a book... I'll have to get to know some musicians when the time comes.