Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dancing In The Street

Dancing In The Street 2

The Lou has seen a growing number of outdoor festivals, events and fairs in the last several years, happily coinciding with the existence of STL DPB. Dancing In The Street had its seventh edition on Saturday, up and down Grand Boulevard from Lindell to Delmar in the Grand Center arts and entertainment district.

There were three stages going with all kinds of dance forms, plus some actually on the street, as we shall see shortly. The women in the top picture were clog dancers, which, um, I'd rather you didn't ask me to define. (I'm as graceful on my feet as a rhino.) The announcer said the act had a Country & Western slant, but blue jeans are blue jeans to me.

The ladies in in the second picture were doing a step dancing routine, another genre you would learn more about elsewhere. The woman in front is wearing the colors of my alma mater, located just a couple of blocks down the street.

Dancing In The Street 1


Olivier said...

c'est génial, des évènements comme je l's aime et le portrait de la deuxième photo est superbe avec ce magnifique sourire

Bibi said...

Wonderful photo of two generations of ladies. Now I have Martha and the Vandella's "Dancing in the Street" running through my head. Not unpleasant!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

It is nice that Grand Avenue is an arts and entertainment district. When I lived in St. Louis in the 1960's it was in decline.

William Kendall said...

Nice shots!

Jilly said...

Love the angle from which you took that first shot. My knees hurt thinking about it!