Thursday, May 3, 2012

So Little Time To Shoot

Turkey Sandwich Guy

Damn. I actually had to sort  of work all day yesterday. Meetings, meetings, meetings, and then a company I buy advertising services from insisted on taking us out to dinner at a swanky restaurant in the Ritz Carlton. (Instead of calling us a cab, they insisted on sending us back to our plebeian hotel in the house BMW. Fer free.) Almost no spare time so I went back to Reading Terminal Market in the late afternoon. These pix give you a better flavor of what's going on. The gentleman in the second pic made my lunch. He did a very good job.

I think I'm going to blow off the conference this morning. Mrs. C and I are going out hunting for Toynbee Tiles! Philly has far more than any other city and they are thought to have originated here. There are some in St. Louis.

He Made My Lunch Today

Fresh Cut Pasta

Termini Bros

My Doctor Says 

By George


Olivier said...

superbe serie, les deux derniers enseignes aux neons sont tres belles, mais la premiere photo, le portrait et l'expression j'adore

s.c said...

Love this post of daily encounters at the counter. It is as it is. Nice captured. Thanks for showing

brattcat said...

what, no photos of the comp bmw ride? will you show us the tiles if/when you find them? said...

Reading Terminal Market is a good place to get a quick bite. We have been there only once.

Virginia said...

I hope that tee shirt is my size! you say you don't have time for any shots and then you load up all these. Geez B

William Kendall said...

The market building reminds me of the interior of the Byward Market building here in Ottawa.