Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Bluesweek 23

A blues singer belts it out at last weekend's festival. You might wonder if his hands were cold but that wasn't possible. I think we've had 11 days with record high temperature so far in 2012, including Sunday when these were taken.

So what is with his hands? He is playing a small harmonica. usually known as a blues harp in this context. The players bend and twist the notes like hot oil. Here's a great example, played by Paul Butterfield. The crowd loved it but evidently the fashion police had not arrived by the time I took these.

Hey, there's actually going to be an Arch picture tomorrow.

Bluesweek 22

Bluesweek 24


cieldequimper said...

Exellent "harp" shots.

I'm always amazed at how... ummm undressed people get in the USA... said...

My brother played a blues harmonica at my son's wedding last November. People loved it.

I am surprised by Ceil's comment above about the lack of dress in the USA. Has she not been to a French beach?

brattcat said...

absolutely love that top shot.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Wonderful B&W portrait shots Bob,he has a very strong face, looooved the music! Looking forward to seeing Le Arch tomorrow!!

Steffe said...

Nice to hear about the warm weather. Some nice shots here, I especially like the B&W photo.

Jack said...

I can almost hear the notes he is working so hard to shape. Well done.

Paula said...

He's definitely got the whole package. Great photography.

Virginia said...

OH the top one rocks!!!