Tuesday, May 8, 2012


NYC (Hummer Stretch Limo)

More New York material for a few days until I get some more local stuff. (But - big news! - there is a newly discovered Toynbee Tile at 7th and Market in front of Macy's. It will be here soon.) This image makes me think of the work of James Rosenquist, one of my favorite contemporary visual artists.

But what is it? Turns out to be an enormous Hummer stretch limo found on Third Avenue. We saw several like this around Manhattan.

Sorry for the lack of comments again yesterday. After a week away, I got whacked back at work. Then there was a sort-of retirement dinner for my partner's paralegal of 28 years, who also happens to be her sister. Joan's husband got a job in another city and she's off to a new life. She was, in a way, our soul, the most cherished person on the team (I could tell you stories.) Our office will never be the same.


cieldequimper said...


Posted an out of Versailles shot today too.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Welcome back from NYC. Best wishes to your partner's sister upon her new ventures and to your office in coping with her departure and absence.

Wayne said...

If Hummers were just billboards (never moved) I could put up with them. Nice shot Bob.

Olivier said...

tres belle enseigne de NYC

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I see them around Perth too Bob (not with NYC on the side haha!) not quite as elegant as some stretch limos. Hope Joan has a wonderful new life, pretty exciting (read nerve wracking)after so long in the one area.