Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beats Me. Druids, Maybe?

Under the Arch 2011-10-15 2

A group of people found lying directly under the Arch on a warm autumn afternoon. Looks like they are somehow trying to connect their small, fleshy antennae to the really big steel one above. I think this scene needs some background music.

Tonight, Mrs. C and I go in a different direction to here, if only metaphorically. Ever notice that link on the lower right corner of the blog? This evening is the Concert For Kathmandu Kids in support of the Mitrata Nepal Foundation. We have visited the children's home and your money is very well spent there.

As always, life is strange. I've never been to Milwaukee, Houston or Cincinnati but I've been to Kathmandu three times. It's worth the journey. Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas any more. Pix from the event tomorrow.

Under the Arch 2011-10-15 1


cieldequimper said...

Nope, I assure you druids don't look like that!

Halcyon said...

Maybe it's one of those team-building exercises?
Funny how you can travel the world, but sometimes have not seen your own backyard. Hope you enjoy the concert! :)

Virginia said...

A crowd of lazy cheerleaders I think.
Hope the fundraiser is a huge success!

PS I'll be hanging in the Lou airport Monday for an hour. I"ll feel your vibes! HA

Jack said...

I don't know why they decided to lie down with their arms raised, but it makes for an interesting photo. Your comment started me thinking about the closest big city I have not seen. If I exclude airports, Syracuse, Rochester, Milwaukee and Memphis are on the list.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I think they're huge fans of St. Louis Daily Photo and are raising their arms to receive and renew their energy from the mystical arch that appears in so many ways on the blog!!p.s. sorry about the Cardinals!!

patty said...

just enjoying the beautiful weather!!!!

Choppography said...

Top pic is frame-worthy. Telephoto, or get up close and ask permission? I am starting to dabble with bold-faced street photography after a life of espionage-type candids. Just curious is you are farther out of my comfort zone than I am.

Great shot, Bob. Go CARDS!! (My grandparents were from Texas...and they said it a LOT.)

glamazini said...

Strange, but nice shot!