Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Kids From Kathmandu

2011-10-22 Concert For Kathmandu Kids 5

My time has been totally sucked up by new dimensions in overwork and watching the World Series. So, here are some shots of shots of kids in the Mitrata Nepal home in Kathmandu, Top, the organization's brochure. Middle, a photo of a reverent boy. Bottom, a Nepalese dancer in front of a slide show of the children. The photo is of Januka, the young woman my wife and I sponsor.

No game tonight so I should be able to visit friends' blogs. The Cardinals just lost Game 5 in Texas 4-3. Game 6 is Wednesday night in St. Louis and I hope to be there.

2011-10-22 Concert For Kathmandu Kids 6

2011-10-22 Concert For Kathmandu Kids 8


Kate said...

Sponsoring a child or adult is a wise investment.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I hope they raised a lot of money with this concert Bob, all the musicians look like they put their hearts and souls into it. It's such a great feeling sponsoring a child, we've been doing it ever since we came to Australia over twenty years ago, very rewarding. Good luck with the next game.

Haddock said...

Good to hear about Januka.

Jilly said...

Beautiful shots, BOb. Remember when we saw that guy in Ventimiglia market - I seem to remember he sold t-shirts raising money for a similar or the same cause. Think you commented.