Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Would That It Were So Easy

2011-10-09 Chicago Marathon 4

Free beer along the Chicago Marathon route on a course that is all downhill. But someone has to protect the runners from the crowd, or vice versa. It was a struggle to find a good view but turn around - the city could be quite a distraction.

2011-10-09 Chicago Marathon 6

2011-10-09 Chicago Marathon 7

2011-10-09 Chicago Marathon 5

Chicago River Looking East


Olivier said...

photo culte la premiere ;o)) et belle serie en b&w

cieldequimper said...

Love these. Some say beer is better than chocolate for jetlag. Never tried either of them.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

The photo of the kids on the wall, all looking away, is timeless. I have a book from an exhibition in Chicago of the best photos from the archives of the Sun Times. That photo looks like it should be one of them.

As I opened your blog, I am watching last night's Cardinals game, which I recorded and I do not yet know what happened. It is the top of the 6th and the Cardinals are up 7 to 2.

I thought to myself, "Should I open Bob's blog before I finish the game? What if he says something about who won?" I decided to live life on the edge.

brattcat said...

love the b&ws especially.

patty said...

amazing view of the city!

Nathalie said...

My fav photo is the last - or the one before last: I'd rather be seated!

Congratulations again to the captain!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Wonderful shots Bob, love the b&W city view!

JM said...

Obviously for different reasons, the top and bottom shots are my favourites. Fantastic!

Halcyon said...

Very nice shots. I don't understand the beer sign. But I love the pic of the feet hanging over the wall. :)

Oakland Daily Photo said...

The last two photos are particularly fine.