Monday, October 17, 2011


2011-10-14 OSL to BoA rally 16

Me and the guy from the Post-Dispatch weren't the only ones taking pictures at Occupy St. Louis' march to the Bank of America building. Downtown's office buildings are full of lawyers, bankers and what not. This one got some phone cam shots of the marchers for, I don't know, maybe his scrap book. Now I look something like this when I play my professional role, albeit with less hair, a cheaper suit and scuffed shoes. My knees couldn't possibly do a squat like that. I have to kneel for low angle shots.

But now that I think of it, I was once the object of such observation years ago. I was much younger, thinner and more hirsute, sauntering down Olive Street to some evening engagement. As was the legal fashion of the day, I was wearing a three piece navy pin stripe suit and carrying an attache case. An older African-American man who seemed down on his luck came from the opposite direction, ran his eyes over me and muttered, "Man, you sure enough is a white boy," as we passed.

What goes around comes around. Don't pre-judge guys in suits.

LATE UPDATE: The St. Louis Cardinals win the National League championship, defeating Milwaukee 12 - 6! Utterly improbable. The World Series begins in St. Louis Wednesday night. Your lens in The Lou expects to be there.

2011-10-14 OSL to BoA rally 15


Olivier said...

BRAVO aux St.Louis Cardinals et bonne chance pour les Worlds Series

cieldequimper said...

Pin stripe suits and bowler hats must needs be become photo journalists. Maybe he's thinking about his upcoming dismissal.

Regina K said...

Wahooo Cardinals!

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Congratulations for your Cards victory! And now, the World Series are waiting... said...

Congratulations for the Cardinals. I will certainly be rooting for them and watching the Series.

Jack said...

I am familiar with that manner of dress, although I can't figure out why he is so intent on the shot.

Congrats on the Cardinals. As a Red Six fan, I still cry when the name Bob Gibson is uttered in my presence, but 2004 was sweet.

Jilly said...

Love that story. You are so right, it's easy to pre-judge people.

Virginia said...

I saw the title and while it loaded all I saw was the two guys in the background. One looked like he was kissing the the other one! Talk about pre-judging.

And let's talk knees. For the past three + years I squatted like a Chinese woman in a field to get a good shot. Now the miniscus /arthritis has shut me done as a result. I need to practice kneeling so it's second nature.

Steffe said...

I still think they should call it the US series. Still congrats to your team.