Thursday, October 20, 2011

World Series Game 1 - Victory!

2011-10-19 World Series 2

Out very late last night and tons of work to do today so this post is going up late afternoon. Our Cardinals took the Texas Rangers in an exciting 3-2 victory in the first game of the World Series last night. These are some views around the Stadium.

Above, a squadron of military personnel unfurled an enormous American flag for the traditional playing of the national anthem. The teams are lined up along the foul lines, Texas in the foreground. Their colors seem to be about equally blue and red. It looks like no one sent out a memo as to which one to wear last night.

Below: A close-up of the color guard and the troops supporting that Star-Spangled Banner.

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, wives of the president and vice president, conducted a salute to America's military forces. Whatever your opinion on our use of troops, this sort of thing is almost obligatory anymore. Such a positive contrast, though, to the time after the Vietnam War when returning troops were often reviled. Just below that, shadowy members of the ladies' Secret Service guard scan the stadium from the drizzly roof.

Cardinals' third baseman David Freese swings a mighty blow.

Lastly, a rather disgruntled Texas fan who stood and shouted for nearly the whole game, blocking the view of the fans behind him. No matter which team he supported, I would have called an usher.

My daughter and son-in-law are attending Game 2 tonight. She's a shooter, too. If she can get me some images in time, I may have a guest post tomorrow.

2011-10-19 Workd Series 4

2011-10-19 Workd Series 3

2011-10-19 Workd Series 5

2011-10-19 Workd Series 6

2011-10-19 Workd Series 7


Jack said...

One down, three to go. That Texas fan does look disheartened.

RedPat said...

Go Cardinals!!

Randy said...

I'm jealous!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I guess I'm really late to the party. Didn't know the Cards were in the World Series. Or the Rangers for that matter. You must be over the moon. Go team!!

Choppography said...

Last shot says it without a country. Outstanding series, Bob. (Photos not the game, as I just watched game 2.)