Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Everywhere

2011-10-14 OSL to BoA rally 9

Occupy St. Louis was on the move yesterday afternoon. They marched a block down Market Street to the local Bank of America headquarters, made some speeches, then turned around and headed toward the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Some of the protestors carried signs that said "End The Fed" or words to that effect. My view is that's wrong, even naive. If it weren't for the actions of the federal Reserve Bank and its chairman, Ben Bernanke, the nation might be out of business by now. What we need is more regulation of the high-stakes gamblers in the financial sector.

OSL's numbers have become greater and greater. The poster in the bottom photo provoked a lot of reaction. It is a near replica of one of the baseball Cardinals' logos. The redbird here is a bit angrier. The word at the bottom is in the same script as the team name on the logo. Hundreds if not thousands of people passed by it last night on their way from downtown garages to Busch Stadium for the game.

And by the way, the Cards lead Milwaukee 7-1 in the bottom of the 8th as I write this. If we win tonight we take a 3 games to 2 lead in the series. Play resumes in Milwaukee on Sunday. One more win in the final two games and we go to the World Series. It's utterly amazing. Those not familiar with baseball have to trust me on this one.

2011-10-14 OSL to BoA rally 6

2011-10-14 OSL to BoA rally 10

2011-10-14 OSL to BoA rally 1 (Classwar)

4 comments: said...

I agree with your view that we don't want to experiment with drastic measures like getting rid of the Fed. We do need to preserve the middle class. The USA has a maldistribution of wealth now that is equivalent to many third world countries. Restoring the purchasing power of the middle class is essential to create the demand to spur the economy.

I just watched my beloved Redbirds win. Their September surge reminds me of the collapse of the Phillies in 1964 that enabled the Cardinals to sneak in and win the World Series.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I think a lot of what's going on in the world just now is a little like a 'no win situation', hopefully sometime soon people will realize that government AND the people will have to work TOGETHER to make things right. I'll take your word on the baseball situation Bob, sounds good for the Cardinals right??

Oakland Daily Photo said...

So much tidier than our local version of the Occupy movement.

Regina K said...

The Occupy KC is still a small group camping in Penn Valley Park. The newspaper reports the it they want is undefined.

I understand baseball and the World Series. My dad and brothers lived watched yearly. Go Cardinals!!!