Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Arch Series

This picture is about the Arch's relationship to its setting. It was taken facing east on Pine Street between Broadway and Fourth Street. The building at the right is the historic Old Court House, the scene of last weekend's gay rights rally featured in my posts on Monday and Tuesday. The monument dominates our city center.

a week from today, my wife, daughter, son in law and I are heading to Kansas for Thanksgiving with my wife's family and her mother's 90th birthday party. We'll pick up my son in Kansas City who's flying in from Chicago. I'll be out in the fields photographing the nephews' annual holiday quail hunt. Delightful people and beautiful country.

TOMORROW: wow, this picture makes downtown look good. Must be from Photoshop. Or maybe the light. The light was gorgeous.

There is another new Arch photo
today on GATEWAY.


Olivier said...

c'est de l'autre coté. On voit l'alien. Ciel magnifique.
c'est de l'autre coté. On voit l'alien. Ciel magnifique.

Wayne said...

It's easy to see why you never tire of photographing it Bob.

I wonder if there was much opposition to installing it when it was first proposed.

Jilly said...

The arch is like a silver rainbow, Bob. You feel you could pick it up and twist it. Beautiful sky.

Look forward to your Kansas photographs.

Belgrade Daily Photo said...

Wow, you captured this _really_ well here.

Belgrade Daily Photo said...

My vote for the photo contest is the South Beach photo, though they are all very good.

Jing said...

wow... so bright weather there~~
and wish you have good time with your family ~~~

Bibi said...

One day I will make it to Saint Louis and check out your gorgeous arch for myself. But finding another angle to photograph it will be hard,with all your very imaginative shots! I love the dragon yesterday... :<)

Janet Kincaid said...

Wow! This gateway photo ROCKS! (But then, all of your gateway photos are pretty damn awesome.)