Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blinded By The Light

A downtown office building clad in stainless steel and mirror glass, blasted by the late afternoon sun. It looked to me like the first building on earth to be vaporized by Vogon Constructor Fleet when they needed to get us out of the way for an interstellar bypass. I also like what it does to the color of the grass at the Old Court House.

WHAT'S ON TONIGHT: the Saint Louis Symphony orchestra is performing Gustav Mahler's Ninth Symphony, a big favorite (it's really intense). Listen to the ending, in which the composer contemplates his approaching death, with comments by Leonard Bernstein - click here.

TOMORROW: so soon? Somebody must be trying to sell something.

There is a new Arch photo
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Sharon said...

Enjoy the symphony! That's another thing I did a few times while working in St. Louis. What a great orchestra and beautiful hall.

PJ said...

I hope the performance was wonderful. Unfortunately, I'm sure the Vogons don't know, or care, who Mahler was. After all, they've been known to cause the untimely demise of untold numbers through the recitation of their own poetry. That's intense.