Sunday, November 9, 2008

Soldiers Memorial - Full View In HDR

So this is what the whole building looks like. The statues I've been posting pictures of are on pedestals towards the top of the outside stairs - you can just see one here.

One of the things I especially like about Photomatix is the way you can control the result. It's easy to achieve an image that's painterly as well as eye-catching. The color tones are often the bit-more-than-real typical of color postcards up to the 1960s. Lots of HDRs are screaming crazy (although there is a place for that). Search for HDRs on Flickr. Too many look like the backgrounds on futuristic blow-em-up computer games. I like a little more subtlety.

WHAT I DID YESTERDAY: attended a closing. See below and come back tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Have you seen or used the newer Photoshop CS4 and some of the controls and filters there are amazing without giving that overdone look.

Paintshop pro does a decent job too if you are not blessed with a rich aunt.

Virginia said...

Abe, I need a rich aunt so can buy all this stuff and compete with Bob!!! I like seeing the details and then the whole building. What a lovely memorial. I like your subtle touch. Try not to go absolutely crazy, OK??

Hilda said...

You're right, it does remind me of those old postcards (which always looked to me like hand-painted monochromes). Nice effect though.

Very imposing-looking memorial, like a Greek/Roman temple.

Jilly said...

This Photomatix is fascinating. I particularly like what you did with yesterday's photograph - whatever you did?

And hey, so good to see you!