Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Special Day

Elvira's 90th birthday

Yesterday was the 90th birthday of my wife’s mother, Elvira. Her children organized a big party in the community center in Hanover, Kansas. About 100 people attended. I think that my mother-in-law was delighted but it disappointed her that there were so many people that she couldn’t greet all of them.

Elvira was not quite the oldest person at the party. At least one cousin was several months older. The young lady below, Mya, wasn't quite the youngest person but less than 1 is young enough. She and her twin sister Payge are the daughters of my niece. A friend of the family, Martha, was invited to entertain the guests with her accordion. She was great but why no polkas?

a 7 to 8 hour drives back to STL. Could run into some snow. I'll be able to resume posting comments when I get home.

TOMORROW: CDPB monthly theme day, if I get the silly picture finished.


Virginia said...

And a very Happy Birthday to Elvira!!! Your portrait is just perfect. That little niece is a cutie patootie herself. What's wrong with those folks in Hanover??? No polka dancing??? And where is you PARTY HAT Bob?? Party pooper.

When you get home and rested stop by my new blog. I have macarons today. Something you will want to eat a lot of when you are there. ( and ship some home to moi :)

Jilly said...

Lovely photographs of your mother in law. I think older people find it difficult to deal with too many people at once but I'm sure she'll have so many happy memories of the day. I love the photograph of her play the harmonium (I think it's a harmonium?)

Chuck Pefley said...

That's quite a spread in ages. Sounds like it was a fun party, Bob. Hope the snow holds off on your return drive.

PJ said...

Your grand-niece looks like a painting, her hair and eyebrows are beautiful against her skin. Your mother-in-law sounds like a lovely woman, and I'm sure she had many happy memories thinking of everyone there. I'm guessing she's known them all her whole life? Tell her we all wish her a happy birthday.
By the way, I've heard that just two generations ago the average person took a whole life time to meet the number of people that we now meet in a single year. I try to remember that when I'm feeling shy and overwhelmed by large crowds of people myself.

Isadora said...

How fortunate for her to be in the shape she is at 90. Must have been a delight both for her children to plan and for her to enjoy! Congratulations.


juankarlos said...

ohhh excelente !