Sunday, November 2, 2008

Soldiers Memorial, in Color

It was a warm, sunny First of November in St. Louis. I went back to the Soldiers Memorial to shoot some more in the lingering Golden Hour we get in the northern hemisphere from November to February. The light was gorgeous. As it turned out, I got into this techie toy thing. I don't use my wide angle lens enough so I screwed it on. Then I started shooting HDRs - handheld, not on a tripod, which is a bit daring. Then I started playing with the results in Photoshop. Photoshop CS 4 arrived a couple of days ago but I still have to learn what's new and different before putting it to use.

almost all of the United States, since our stupid new extended daylight savings time ended early this morning, the exception being Arizona, which doesn't use it at all. I think that's fine. Japan doesn't have DST and no one feels deprived. Spring forward, Fall back.

TOMORROW: I dunno. Would you be interested in another day of this topic? There are more images. I did get some good HDRs of fall foliage in Forest Park on Saturday afternoon if that's of interest.

BY THE WAY, Virginia of Birmingham Daily Photo suggested I see what these pictures look like in black & white. Not bad. You can see those versions here.


JM said...

The memorial looks fantastic and your photos are just awesome! Great work!

Virginia said...

Oh these are great. I have screwed up my computer some how and everything is giant sized so I have to scroll over ,... well it's a mess. That said, from what I could see, your razzle dazzle had great results! And the light, oh it's nice!!! You pick tomorrow's photo, you da man!
PS I was NOT snoozing this a.m. I had two grandchildren and their cat that hit the ground running at 6:30!

Greg Dimitriadis said...

That's a very impressive memorial. Good job with Photoshop, I love the play of light and shadows.

Virginia said...

I came back for another look. (Thanks to DC Conf. for helping me shrink my screen back to normal.) I wanted to make sure this looked as good as I thought it did! Yep, it does. Did you "work" on that grey background??? Hum?? So you have you the new PS ? Whooeeee, flying that 747 will take some doing. I am intimidated with my Elements, but hey, I scare easily. Go forth and learn it in probably a weekend and then you can help moi.

Have you tried BW on any of these? Might be worth a fiddling or two.

Joe Cottonwood said...

More of the memorial, please. I lived in St. Louis for years and was never aware of the place.

Are those statues made of limestone?

Does it honor soldiers of more recent wars, too?

David -- said...

Great photos, and thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my Costa Rica Daily Photo site. Like you, I am a lawyer who uses my legal practice to support my travel and photography addictions. I love your daily photo blog and grew up in St. Louis County from age 12 on.

By the way, one nitpicky correction regarding your mention today that all of Arizona does not follow daylight savings time is that the Navajo Nation does observe daylight savings time, and a substantial part of northeastern Arizona comprises most of the Navajo Nation.

PJ said...

If I ever make it back to St Louis I'll make a point of stopping here. The light is just breathtaking.

tr3nta said...

outstanding building and very good photo...