Friday, May 4, 2007

Outdoor Sculpture Series: Nijinski Hare

Don't tell me St. Louis doesn't have a sense of humor. In a plaza between the hockey arena and a public transit transfer hub looms Nijinski Hare by Barry Flanagan. We don't get any closer to ballet in this neighborhood than Disney On Ice. Any St. Louis Blues hockey fan who can identify Vaslav Nijinski without clicking this link gets 10 bonus points and their choice of a print of any STL CDPB photo or a puck that Bernie Federko once tripped over.

By the way, those metal rectangular things benind the bunny are also sculptures. They glow with pulsing, changing colors at night and steam comes out through the grates. Pretty cool. Better get out with my tripod in the dark.

Yesterday's teaser for this post referred to the Energizer Bunny. By amazing coincidence, the world headquarters of Energizer Batteries is walking distance from the statue. Imagine that.

TOMORROW: a·poth·e·o·sis
1. the elevation or exaltation of a person to the rank of a god.
2. the ideal example; epitome; quintessence: This poem is the apotheosis of lyric expression.

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Dsole said...

I find this sculpture really cool!!