Monday, April 9, 2007

Lafayette Square Color


Greetings STLMDPB readers! This is not a test. This is son of Strangetastes filling in while pops is putting his new super-duper lens through its paces in Death Valley (what a copycat, right?). Which means I got to borrow his white balance determining filter that doesn't fit the new lens. Yippee!

, I was in Tha Lou last weekend and here's some of the fruit of my snapping. I think this is a lilac bush in front of one of the beautiful old buildings of Lafayette Square. Correct me on identifying that flower, please. I had a hard time picking this shot over this one. What do you think? Here's a wider shot too where passing clouds kinda screwed up my exposure, but you get a better sense of the architecture of the row houses there. Do you think either neighbor conspired about the planting of that bush or the house paint color? Seems too perfect.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the daily photo family and greetings from Greenville, SC. As you requested your link has been added to the Daily Photo Map.

Olivier said...

belle photo, les fleurs sont tres colorées. j'aime beaucoup

beautiful photograph, the flowers are very coloured. I like much

Anonymous said...

Nice photos! You definitely take after your father! Now why didn't he tell me about his new lens and filter! I may just have to join you guys and blog Seattle. - "NOSSCR Photo Buddy from Seattle"