Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weekend: trompe l'oeil

Hi from Las Vegas. No, this is not Las Vegas. I'm in Las Vegas. This is more trompe l'oeil building art in STL. The building used to be a wearhouse for a clothing distributior. They went out of business and left this hulking building. The wall painting was done while the building was empty. Now it's fancy loft condos and a hotel. Sorry for the electrical wires spoiling the view. They are the bane of photographers. But it's much worse in Japan, where all the cables for everything are above ground, desu ne?

TOMORROW'S POST: the west side of this building, equally strange.


stromsjo said...

Imaginative wall painting. I recently saw an apartment house with painted balconies on one side. They were complete with shadows and all so at the proper time of day (and given fair weather) it was a superb illusion.

Victoria said...

Every time I come up to St. Louis for a Cardinals game ( a couple times a summer, usually) I can't help but stare at that building. I've always found it fascinating!

Ming the Merciless said...

The building reminds me of an old city hall that have been turned into an office building/hotel/restaurant in downtown Monroe, Louisiana, where I went to school eons ago. I guess St. Louis has the small town vibe of most southern cities.