Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bad News

American urban blues - the newspaper machine on the side of my office building. Our local paper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, has been dumbed-down over the years like so many U.S. dailies. Most people I know get their news from National Public Radio, The New York Times, or the Daily Show, but you gotta have the PD for local sludge, your favorite comics and a daily sudoku at no extra charge. And the supermarket coupons. You will never find supermarket coupons in The Times.

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Meg said...

True, at least not St Louis supermarket coupons in The Times!

Most (or all) of NZ newspapers are owned by two foreign-owned companies (one being Fairfax) and over the years they started to look all the same - LOTS of lifestyle and celebrity gossip, not enough of well-thought-out editorials... And our local rags has nowhere near the number of funnies as many US papers I know.

Bob Crowe said...

Hi, Meg. Thanks for stopping by. No, the Times doesn't have any coupons at all. The publisher might consider that beneath its dignity. Sounds like you have the same situation as here - mass print and TV news outlets are idiotic. The Times is really an excellent national paper, though, and our public radio network is high quality.

I REALLY want to visit NZ one day. Closest I've come is changing planes in Auckland on my way to Sydney. We'll get there.


U "R" Us AKA Captain Crowe said...

I check out the Chicago Tribune for relatively non-alarmist general news reporting and often pretty great local news editorials. But they just got bought by some wacky billionaire, so we'll see where it heads now. Probably better off than bought by Conglomo, Inc. Who owns the Post?

Anonymous said...

The dumbing down began in schools and went to the Whine House and Congress and is now reflected in newspapers across America. I think it is in some way the computer/Internet thingy that is causing the problems. People like to see brief things and pictures and very little text. I write for newspapers and they don't want the long stories of years past. They want quick and dirty news. So I am with you on this dumbing down. It is all over. I like the picture though.

Brookville Daily Photo
720 pixels

Anonymous said...

I like this picture. Maybe the b&w of it.

edwin s said...

Oh dear, that is bad news.

Well, I've come by to say that you guessed correctly. Please browse through KLDP's archive and choose a picture you like which I'll print into a postcard and mail to you.

Olivier said...

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