Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Earth Day, Part 2

Okay, this may be cheating. It's technically against the rules that Eric or somebody wrote and we were all told when we signed up (whether we read them or not) - one picture a day of one city. Not everyone adheres strictly to this. Olivier posts multiple pictures all the time and gets away with it, but then he is such a good photographer, why not? These contradictions must have something to do with being French and their famous powers of logic.

It was fun for all at the St. Louis Earth Day festival. You could get up close and personal with a bald eagle. I haven't been this close to one since the last time I watched the Colbert Report with my glasses off. You could take a - what is it? - tai chi or falun gong lesson even if you're a hopeless honkey in a baseball hat. (That's what I was on Sunday, although it's not me in the picture. I would never wear white sneakers.) Actually, when I saw these guys, I thought the festival had hired the Village People to perform. Or, you could sign up for Reverend Tiki's Garden of Paradise Internet Church. Damn, I wish I'd stopped and talked to them. They are so exclusive I can't find them anywhere on the Web.

TOMORROW: What did you like best at the Earth Day Festival? Paranoid political action, brown-skinned toy alien babies, martial arts or roller derby?


lv2scpbk said...

Being a little bit rebellious. LOL. Eagles are such beautiful birds.

Ming the Merciless said...

I thought of joining a tai chi group but they practice out in Chinatown at 7 AM.

I wasn't in the mood to wake up at 5:30 AM to go to Chinatown for tai chi. ;-)

U "R" Us AKA Captain Crowe said...

Timing and angle on #2 are impeccable. Unless that eagle got in the mix. *rimshot*

Olivier said...

merci pour le lien vers mon blog. tres belles photos de cette fête, l'aigle est magnifique. j'espere que l'annee prochaine, on fetera la terre aussi à Evry

thank you for the bond towards my blog. very beautiful photographs of this festival, the eagle is splendid. I hope that the next year, one will celebrate the ground also with Evry

Olive said...

Really great pictures!
I also love the one from yesterday AND the day before!!
So frankly, you can break the rules anytime... 'cause you take amazing picture!

Bob Crowe said...

Thank you Olive. If you like this, come back tomorrow. I will post four photos of Earth Day activities on the subjects mentioned in today's teaser. Need to write the text but I'm also supposed to be working. Damn.

Unknown said...

haha.. sometimes i post more than 1 picture too. can't help it right? so many pictures to show the world!

maybe it is mass aerobics or kickboxing.