Monday, April 2, 2007

Baseball Opening Day



Yesterday was a gorgeous day in St. Louis, bright sun and 75 F. (24 C.). The Cardinals held an opening day rally in Kiener Plaza in the city center. Nobody knows who Kiener was and I can't even find it on Google. Three friends were enjoying the sunshine and beverages produced by the local mega-brewer. They met some nice young ladies who were promoting the fine restaurant mentioned in yesterday's post, which has just opened a new outlet on the plaza. The irony is that they did not appear to consume many 2/3-Lb. Double Bacon Cheese Thickburgers, despite their enthusiasm for their employer. The ladies' shirts bore various slogans, one of which was "Hunger Patrol." Really? Hungry for what?

The baseball game opened with great ceremony, featuring members of past Cardinals championship teams. Poor old Stan Musial, so honored that his statue towers outside the stadium, came onto the field in a golf cart but was not well enough to walk over to the other veterans. The home team then took a 6-1 drubbing by the Mets. Late in the game, some fans still tried to work up a bit of enthusiasm.

Note the tee shirt of the man at the left of the first picture (click the picture to enlarge it). A small, publicity hungry publisher issues an annual ranking of America's safest and most dangerous cities. This year St. Louis topped their bad list. The lists are completely bogus, of course, for statistical and demographic reasons too lengthy to mention here. Maybe the owners should satisfy their needs with the Hunger Patrol instead of picking on us.



U "R" Us AKA Captain Crowe said...

I was all excited to be watching some baseball, particularly Card's opening day, now that I got the HDTV service from DirecTV. But I couldn't justify to the rest of the apartment why we shouldn't watch Borat instead when the trouncing looked unrecoverable.

Love the geometry and content of that 1st shot. I hope you got one of the guys' email addresses so they can show their wives the nice young ladies they met.

Olivier said...

le stade doit etre imense, belle photo avec les ombres fetantla victoire. Bonne saison.

the stage must be immense, beautiful photograph with the shades fetantla victory. Good season

edwin s said...

Hello Sir Strangetastes!

Thanks for popping by KLDP with your guess on today's mystery quiz.

I can't remember if I've come by and welcomed you to the DP family. Welcome!