Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Arch Series

One of the beautiful things about the Arch is how it fills and shapes the space around it. Many pictures in this series are set against a blank sky to emphasize this quality. This one was shot on a bright summer day with the exposure reading taken from the steel of the near leg shining in the sun. That turned the far leg and sky very dark, to good visual effect. It also shows the irregular metal skin composed om many distinct plates. Each plate ripples. The Arch is not mirror-smooth, as it appears in many photographs taken from a distance.

It looks like I took this photo floating by the upper part of the Arch in a blimp (see/hear also this link). In fact, I was standing on the Missouri side of Eads Bridge, also a structure of great beauty and an engineering marvel in its time. My vantage point is high up over the Mississippi River.

I'm in Death Valley, California today, taking pictures and wandering up canyons. U "R" US will post one more tomorrow, then back to my regular stuff.


Deb said...

You and the arch are a match made in heaven.
good stuff!

Bob Crowe said...

Well then, keep visiting every Thursday until I run out of material. But you'll also like my son's Arch picture tomorrow - very different.