Saturday, February 14, 2009

STL DPB In the Air: On The London Eye

On the London Eye Ferris wheel, 135 meters over the Thames.

STL DPB Under The Earth: On The London Underground


Abe Lincoln said...

You surely did get some lovely photos and it gives me, a person who will never make it overseas to Europe, a chance to see some things I wouldn't otherwise get to see. The plane pictures is a really wide body I guess. I never saw that many seats across before.

Sharon said...

Now I'm really jealous! You've flown off to my favorite city! Have a great time.

JT said...

Great photos. Your London Eye Ferris wheel shot looks like something out of a 1950s sci fi movie. I also appreciate your touch in "post..."

Virginia said...

the top one : ET phone home!
I don't understand how you can stand up on a ferris wheel and spare me the details. I'll get queasy.

Hope you're not getting boozed up then trying to catch the train/subway/whatever.

PJ said...

You don't have to go to the big city to have train/pedestrian fatalities. We had one in the area a couple of days don't want to know.
I'm thinkging that your Youth Hostel card must be full of stamps by now, you and Carolyn are prolly going to need new ones.

Blognote said...

The London Eye photo is perfect!!

Snapper said...

As you may have gathered, I am way way way behind on my blog viewing but this ferris wheel photo is just brilliant. Ditto for the plane in the clouds picture. Bravo!