Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Panoramic

I went to Forest Park with my tripod last weekend to play around with panorama shots. You take a number of pictures while panning across the scene, being careful to overlap them a bit. Then Photoshop carefully stitches them together. Crop, a little touch-up and voilá. The scene here is Art Hill, the great, sweeping lawn below the museum. It’s been on the blog before, like here and here. For a sense of scale, note the tiny person at the near edge of the Grand Lagoon.

WHAT WAS A LAFF RIOT: a touring company of Chicago’s Second City improv comedy troupe was in town with the current production, Deface the Nation. Political razor blades flying in every direction.

TOMORROW: with luck, something from Saturday afternoon’s Great Forest Park Balloon Race.


bitingmidge said...

The form of the lake suits the panorama well! I think I'll have a go myself....


Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Virginia said...

Wish you could have seen some panoramic shots a local artist did during our Art Walk. They were amazing. The stiching thing is still hard for me to understand. I'd like to see someone actually shoot it and then stitch it. This was the perfect photo for that.

Sharon said...

This is a fantastic shot. I can just picture myself standing under that statue of St. Louis and looking out over this scene.

Pat said...

Love Forest Park. I lived in St. Louis for over 10 years. Didn't the golf course use this lawn for one of the fairways?