Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Great Forest Park Baloon Race

It's not exactly a race in terms of who gets somewhere fastest. A first balloon, known as the hare, takes off ahead of the others. The rest launch one at a time (no mid-air collisions of hot air bags, please). They attempt to follow the hare and whoever lands closest to it wins. This, of course, is impossible because the wind blows them where it will. Nevertheless, a good excuse for a spectacle. By the way, this is not HDR. It's Photoshop magic.

WHAT WAS GOOD/BAD AT THE RACE: lots of colorful balloons and gentle wind / bright, flat cloud cover and light. Hence the enhancement.

TOMORROW: hey, kid, would you like another balloon?


Abraham Lincoln said...

I am impressed by the color of these things. Wow.

Virginia said...

Enhanced, really? I would have thought the colors of the balloons were very true. Oh, I get it. The sky? I need to learn that magic trick. Regardless, great photo.

Dan said...

Great pic and wonderful colors on this. We are having a Balloon Fest nearby too! I was there last night taking pictures which I will post later this week.

Hope said...

I love the colors in this photo...and the Energizer bunny balloon at the back of the photo!

Sharon said...

Great shot! I love balloon races. That cute energizer bunny looks ready to go.

vasanthi said...

Fantastic Colors in the balloon. It was nice.


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