Monday, September 1, 2008

CDPB Monthly Theme Day - Sister Cities - Bogor, West Java, Indonesia and St. Louis, Missouri, USA


I was going to take a pass on this theme day but, to my pleasant surprise, I was contacted by Alaya of Bogor, Indonesia, CDPB who suggested a joint venture. Bogor is a city near the west end of Java. It's a little bigger than St. Louis, with a city population of 800,000 in a metropolitan area of 3 million. The first picture above os Tugu Kujang, the landmark of the city. The other is Bogor palace. an old dutch colonial building. Thanks to Alaya for the photos.

WHAT'S ON FOR TODAY: Le Grand Tour de Seattle.

Undoubtedly something from the Emerald City, as the locals call this place.


Virginia said...

Nice photos of a lovely city! Glad you and Mrs. S.T. are having a ball. Have you blown out your memory card yet?

babooshka said...

I saw the image you provided for your sister city and it was a corker. Like wise you have been provided with some lovly colourful images to compliment your superb monochromes. There hacve been some interesting sister cities, and some surprising ones, this being one of them.