Sunday, March 15, 2020


I got some decent pictures at the orchid show last weekend but too many of them had poor focus. For the many years I shot with Canon 5D series cameras there was a solution - macro lenses. They are designed to focus from a very short distance so you can get great close-ups. My Canon phase ended because my decrepit frame couldn't take the considerable weight. Now I shoot lighter and smaller Fujifilm X-T cameras but I didn't have a lens that got way in close.

So I blew a wad (well, not a big one) and got a FF macro lens this week. Mrs. C and I went back to the orchid show yesterday and, wow, what a difference. I've got images that might last until toilet paper is back in the stores. (None in the local supermarket today but two local restaurants are giving out a free roll with every take out order. Brilliant.) 

These examples look like vicious little monsters, don't they?               


s.c said...

Indeed a bit pig snouts. Much luck with your new lens.

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