Saturday, March 14, 2020


Well, our big St. Patrick's Day parade, always held on the preceding Saturday, is off. So is the small, crazier one held on the day itself. Minor problem given the big picture these days, but there is a scarcity of photo material as well as toilet paper. (None of that in the local Target today.)

But the orchid show is still on at the botanical garden. I went by myself last Sunday and may go back with Mrs. C, depending on how strictly we're social spacing. Pretty photographs are not usually my thing but these are irresistible. It's counter-intuitive but carefully made B&Ws produce some of the most intense images. No question that the monochrome flower pictures of Robert Mapplethorpe are a big influence.



William Kendall said...

Beautiful in black and white.

Our St. Pat's parade was called off too.

Stefan Jansson said...

Agreed. Looks good in black and white.