Saturday, November 17, 2018

Tucker and Market

A major intersection downtown. Three of the four visible buildings are courthouses.The one on the left with the vertical stripes is the St. Louis University School of Law (me, J.D. 1974). The school was on the main campus three miles west when I was there. A few years ago the university bought a plain, vacant office building and completely rebuilt the interior. Now the law school is near the courthouses.

I think law schools have become a bit of a scam. SLU, a mid-level school, costs $41,000 a year (three year program). Jobs are becoming more scarce and there is a good chance that, in time, artificial intelligence systems will eliminate the need for many of us.         


Sharon said...

I love this photo!

William Kendall said...

Excellent shot!

Susan Kane said...

Seeing St. Louis in B/W is stunning.

We were in St. Louis area in 2011 for my mother's funeral. Before spending the night in Pear Hotel, we went to an amazing bldg near the Arch. It had been a fabric factory in past century. Some very rich man bought it, converted it to St. Louis City Museum. Incredible.

I broke my ankle going down the twisty slide. Not badly, but had to wear a boot for two months. Worth it.

boromax said...

This is a fabulous photo - especially in b&w. And, yes... AI seems likely to figure largely in our not-too-distant future.