Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Sad But True

Seen at coffee stand in an office building. We don't have any kind of universal pension system in this country. Social Security covers a lot of people but doesn't come close to meeting normal living expenses. It may not cover you at all if you have been out of the labor market due to raising children, medical problems or lack of job skills.

Everybody in the US knows what a 410(k) plan is. It refers to a section of the tax law that allows us to invest money tax free for retirement. There is no money to fund one of these if you are a barista, home health care aide or self-employed artist. These people struggle to meet their daily needs. The sign on the tip jar is a bitter joke. That's life in America.

Over to Kansas City tonight, then on to Mrs. C's family farm for Thanksgiving.       


William Kendall said...

Meanwhile corporations and the wealthy get endless amounts of incentives. Trickle down economics is a bloody joke.

Susan Kane said...

Sure is a slow way to prepare for old age.

Kansas City and Mrs. C's family farm. Just the word 'farm' gives me that fuzzy warm T-giving feeling.