Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday Arch Series

One of the stranger and more amusing things to see at last weekend's Grand Centre block party was a nine hole mini golf course in the art galleries at The Sheldon. Each hole was designed by a different group, all whimsical, all unique. 

The eighth hole was based on the renovated Gateway Arch grounds.  You had to putt your ball through or around the Old Courthouse and then plunk it into a cup modeled on the new entrance to the Arch museum. The ball then ran through a tunnel to a lower level, resembling the street and promenade in front of the Mississippi. The player had to drop the ball into one more hole in the street. If you did that the red warning light on the top of the Arch lit up. Ellie got it done with what I think soccer would call a hand ball.


s.c said...

Love the idea to play mini golf in a big maquette.

William Kendall said...

Rather creative!