Wednesday, July 11, 2018

When Oprah Says Goodbye

Another production from the St. Louis Theatre Crawl. The company is called A Call To Conscience. The program says that
The play is focused on our aging LGBTQ population.It touches on the realities of aging, oppressive elder care facilities and the consequences of friendship betrayed and rediscovered, as well as the importance of forgiveness.
The woman in the top picture appears to be a long-time resident of a home for the elderly. She is assigned a new roommate, someone who appears to be of a higher economic station. They discover that they were close friends many years ago but the new arrival literally took away the first resident's lover, another woman. That person has died and now they are cast together. There is conflict and resolution between the two but not, as the first woman has a rigid routine, until Oprah says goodbye.

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William Kendall said...

That sounds like the makings of a very tense narrative.