Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Market Street, Rain, Red Over Green

One of those through-your-wet-windshield shots. I've got some more AYPO pix I could post but that may be getting old.  Unlike much of the northern hemisphere, it's been cool and wet here for a few days, very unusual for this time of year. It won't last, though.

Looking forward to getting some fresh material. I've been pretty slowed down by some significant low back arthritis. Got a steroid shot a few days ago and what a change. Looking forward to Kansas City and deep Kansas this weekend. 


Sharon said...

We finally had a proper monsoon storm last night. Lot's of wind and quite a bit of rain. It was refreshing.

William Kendall said...

We had some much needed wet weather last weekend. Enjoy Kansas!

Here we have a busker festival coming up starting on Thursday, and a civic holiday on Monday, so plenty of photo ops.