Sunday, July 1, 2018

Her Voice Must Be Heard

Posted from AA 4416 heading to La Guardia. Busy.   

A more detailed look at one of the Theatre Crawl shows, Her Voice Must Be Heard. A black #MeToo perspective about being a woman of color and the object of sexual abuse. The cast was brilliant. I'll add more detail about the company when we're at the hotel. 

Okay, now we're at our favorite hotel, the LIC. It's in Queens, my home turf, one subway stop from midtown and we will not pay Manhattan hotel prices. However, it's even hotter here than it St. Louis. We think we'll hang out until dinner.

So anyway, this is a sample of a show that will appear in the St. Louis Fringe Festival (yours truly, house photographer), the title the same as the caption of this post. The cast, Sieglinda Fox (in blue), Sharon Reed-Ussery (in white) and Joel Anthony were brilliant. The women have stage presence and vocal power that's hard to describe. Looking forward to seeing the full show in August.

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William Kendall said...

Formidably expressive!