Thursday, February 15, 2018

STL DPB ON THE ROAD - Versailles Nightly Photo

Hello from Miami, where we spent the night on our way to Costa Rica. We found out that the Little Havana district is close to the airport so we went to the city's best-known Cuban restaurant. It was big, busy, full of families and very Latin. I was proud of myself for mostly ordering dinner in Spanish. 

The food was more entertaining than memorable but it was fun for all. Where the name came from I don't know, other than there were a lot o fancy mirrors around the room. And why the hostesses were wearing these angel get-ups is beyond me.

And a nod of thanks to our friend Ciel de Quimper and her town.    


William Kendall said...

Strange. There's nothing in the place's name to suggest angels.

RedPat said...

So that is where Ciel went!