Thursday, February 22, 2018


Costa Rica is a good place to do nothing if you are a visitor. Not so much for the locals, who work hard to take care of us.

I would never do what this man is doing. I've had a brush with melanoma and got past it, so I know better. Sure, this is part of why people come here but it's a pretty bad idea. Probably better to sit in the shade of an umbrella and watch the ocean.      


William Kendall said...

I've never been one for suntanning, which is all for the best- my parents both had bouts with skin cancer at one point.

Sharon said...

I agree! I won't be doing any of that ever again. The damage of my youth has finally caught up with me. I'm scheduled for minor surgery on Monday to remove a small cell from my leg.

The Padre said...

Unreal Hummingbirds of Monteverde Photos!! I think I will go make a dish of Big A$$ Nachos