Friday, February 9, 2018

Everything You Need

It is common to see street vendors at public events selling all sorts of junk roughly related to the occasion. It's all overpriced, tacky, and most of it will be gone in days or weeks. I wonder about the people, men and women, who sell the trinkets. Where do they come from? Why do they want this job? This ruggedly handsome man has perfect clothing for the weather. He is not impoverished.

There will be dozens of these people on the street for our official Mardi Gras parade tomorrow. I'll shoot it if the weather is not too bad. The forecast is for cold, although not extremely so. The prospect of freezing rain could keep me away.    


William Kendall said...

We have some of the same here too. You do wonder where they get their stock.

Freezing rain is about the only part of winter I don't like.

s.c said...

There is still to much shit produced that people try to sell. It looks remarkable on the plastic soup floating in the middle of the ocean.

Sharon said...

This is certainly a colorful event.